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Hostinger is a website registrar and can be used as a dedicated server, virtual server, or shared server.
Some hosting companies offer a combination of dedicated servers with shared servers. One disadvantage with hosts like Hostinger is the price difference, so you should get some ideas about what to think about before making an investment in buying one. Let’s dive into each aspect of Hostinger’s business.

What Is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a popular internet name and provides a range of digital marketing solutions. They offer both managed and unmanaged services for your online presence. This includes:

A brand-new SSL certificate for secure connection between your site and the server.

Offering 24/7 support from technical staff;

A fully responsive design and coding infrastructure.

A full suite of Managed Services to help grow your business. These include website maintenance, content management, email marketing, social media platforms, SEO experts, hosting plans, website monitoring, security, backups, and more.

Hostinger also has a partner program where you pay a monthly fee and use them as much as possible to promote your business on their network. You need not pay any extra monthly fees when using their package, so it doesn’t matter if they are slow. Now, let’s talk about how Hostinger helps businesses grow.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

Hostinger’s cheapest plan is called Shared Hosting. It starts at $19 per month, which is completely free. This shared hosting plan comes with 100 domains and unlimited bandwidth. There is no limit on how many websites you can host on the same account. However, there are limits on how long you can share server space with others, so you may want to limit it to 10 websites total.

If you want to add additional sites, Hostinger does allow you to. They provide up to 2000 websites per shared account. That way, they will be able to accommodate most if not all small business websites. On top of being able to create websites quickly, these plans come with an easy setup process. All you have to do is sign up for Hostinger and wait for them to set everything up.

Hostinger offers two tiers of hosting – Standard and Business. Standard hosting costs $15 per month while business hosting costs $30 per month. If you wanted to upgrade to something better, Hostinger recommends upgrading to their Unlimited Package ($19 per month).

Hostinger Features

Hostinger’s unique feature is its unlimited traffic sharing hosting which allows you to use it to send out unlimited emails from any of your websites. Furthermore, there are options for sending emails from multiple locations, such as internationally, allowing users to receive emails from anywhere in the world without having to have a physical office. Here’s a great example… if someone sends an international email address to someone in Canada, then they will receive that email in their mail and open it in another location. Not only has this been useful, but you’ve got an additional reason to invest in Hostinger to make sure you’re always getting mail – which is why Hostinger is ranked highly by Mailerlite. You get an outstanding reputation and amazing sales numbers, so making an investment is never off the table.

Hostinger Pricing Structure

Hostinger’s pricing structure depends on whether or not you want to pay separately. For instance, if you’re looking for just one website, then Hostinger will give you a flat rate of $19 per month. Since you don’t even have to do anything to start selling your products or services, it makes sense, considering that you essentially don’t have to put forth much effort. However, if you’re looking to sell websites, then you will need to spend more money. For instance, Hostinger charges 30% more than other providers for Shared hosting, 50% more than PPL, and 20% more than cPanel. It’s hard to say which option is best for everyone, because I’m not sure if any of them are going to work for every type of business. If you have lots of websites, you can go down any route necessary to increase your revenue.

Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers three different kinds of hosting, starting with the standard, then enterprise (business) then luxury (premium). Each hosted plan provides a certain amount of storage space, which also varies according to each tier. The higher the tier, the bigger the size, and thus, the lower the price tag. Below is a breakdown on each tier:

Basic - 500 MB SSD

- 500 MB SSD Enterprise - 2 TB SSD

- 2 TB SSD Premium - 5000 MB SSD

- 5,000 MB SSD Luxury - 12 TB SSD

- 12 TB SSD Basic Linux is available today, and it’ll probably change soon enough, so we will have to wait and see how exactly this move is going to impact our budget. Right now, it looks like it’s too early in life to choose a specific shared plan right now. Still, I would recommend choosing one based on cost if you have a smaller business that requires a smaller number of computers.

How Does Hostinger Work?

Hostinger works on some pretty basic ideas. First, they have an automated transfer engine called SmartBackups which checks your files and saves them onto their own backups. When you upload something onto their system (which usually happens every time you access your website), they backup that file to their local area drive so you’re able to recover your data. Then they have an automatic sync/sync tool that syncs your computer from another machine to yours and keeps all your data safe and secure. So, when one user changes the files, another client will do the same automatically and then the update cycle continues until the file syncing stops. Finally, whenever a visitor visits your website that’s never been touched, Hostinger has them back up to the data center.

Hostinger Uses Its Own SSL Certificate

The next important feature is Hostinger uses its own encryption protocol which encrypts any traffic that goes through their network. Although there are plenty of ways to do this, here is an excellent guide by Google. Don’t worry. The code is very simple – first, they use a VPN server and second they get the private key from somebody who signed them up. Then, once they get that information, the keys themselves are encrypted in the VPN. Everything else remains unscrutinized, which means that everyone else cannot read your information. Once again, the good thing about Hostinger is that they still get paid on this level, which means the VPN server they use is kept confidential and secure.

The Fastest Internet Speed

Hostinger is known for speed with their main focus on speeds over gbps, so the company is ranked high on the list. Their fastest speeds are 4Kbps, 8Kbps, 16Kbps, 40Kbps and 800Kbps. They can transfer the most files across 4kbps connections, so this is definitely speed. If you have a lot of videos that need to go down the network and run faster, then you are gonna find yourself downloading large amounts of things onto your system, which will require a fast connection. Hostinger’s speeds are very reliable so long as you know the size of your data transfer is appropriate.

How Do You Use Hostinger?

Hostinger is a perfect place for anyone interested in growing their online presence and selling their services. As mentioned previously, the fact that you are allowed unlimited websites on an unlimited package means that you can make a decision about which plans have the highest value. Using Hostinger is a good, well used idea. Now, let’s examine how to use Hostinger effectively the easiest way possible.

How To Start Living Your Best Life

Hostinger operates the exact same way as any other digital market leader. By enrolling into the platform, you are going to be offered tools to help improve your online presence. Like most markets, Hostinger has a few downsides to using this service. The biggest downside, especially when looking at it from a point of view of cost-effectiveness, is that it isn’t really affordable. It’s a big deal for a startup but quite reasonable for an established entity.

In conclusion, Hostinger is a well-established entity that has been around for quite a while. If you aren’t currently running your own website, then you may find that Hostinger is worth a close look and consideration. With the speed and reliability you get with Hostinger, I am sure that you’ll love using it.

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